Fri 29 July 2016

This is a TommyBoy1 challenge from You can obtain the virtual machine from: here

''' The primary objective is to restore a backup copy of the homepage to Callahan Auto's server. However, to consider the box fully pwned, you'll need to collect 5 flags strewn about the system, and use the data inside them to unlock one final message. '''

At first scanning the target with nmap:

Then version detection:

Strange thing... at first port 65534 was open now it's closed. I launch wireshark and start snooping the trafic to realize what happened. We have 22, 80 and 8008 open so lets focus on that for now. At index page on the website on port 80 in the source we found this comments:

From the comments we conclude:

  • Nick is the administrator of the site

  • Richard is someone who wants admin access

  • The backup of the site is in Big Tom's home folder

  • Tom share important information on the company blog

  • The company blog is at /prehistoricforest

After running nikto, nessus and dirbuster on the target web site the most interesting thing we found was robots.txt in which we found the first flag B34rcl4ws

In the company blog we fond the seccond flag:

second flag Z4l1nsky

The company blog is WP site. And one of the blog posts is password protected. The answer from the first post in the blog give as clue about /richard directory in which we found img file 'shockedrichard'. I tried to unlock the password protected post with 'richard', 'shockedrichard' etc. didn't work. This is what we found in the picture:

Decrypt the hash:

Then unlock the second post in which we found important info:

  • Another user Michelle

  • Nick is the IT guy

  • there is backup called callahanbak.bak that you can just rename to index.html and everything will be good again. (You have to do this under Big Tom’s account via SSH to perform this restore)

  • Big Tom's accontt shoud be found in the userlist (probably it's not called bigtom)

  • The home folder of Nick can be accesed via FTP, the port is the one we found at the first scan with nmap (65534). The FTP server goes on/off every 15 minutes.

  • Nick ftp account = nickburns (the password is very easy)

  • Nick didn't have ssh access

From there I decide to try nick ftp account with hydra:

In the ftp dir we found this readme.txt:

  • There should be encrypted .zip file in 'NickIzL33yt' contained Big Tom's passwords. The 'NickIzL33t' is at [target ip]:8008/NickIzL33t but there is nothing there so lets scan the webserver. I used nikto, nessus and wpscan for that.

This is what we found in the NickIzL33t directory:

And the web page return 403 Forbidden response:

6 hours letter... Lets change the user agent to apple's.

We should think about this earlier, after all only "Nick and Steve Jobs can see this content" When we open the NickIzL33t dropbox dir with apple UA this is the result:

It's time to bruteforce... Dirbuster give me some errors, because of url encoding so I switch to wfuzz with:

wfuzz -c -v -w ~/Downloads/Wordlists/rockyou_max9len.txt -H "User-Agent:Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7" --hc 404

We found the dropbox files:

Third flag found: Flag data: TinyHead

It's time to create custom dictonary with the hints from hint.txt

  • start with 'bev'

  • upper case char

  • two numbers

  • two lowercase chars

  • one symbol

  • 1995


This is the script i use to generate the wordlist based on hints founed in the hint.txt:

import exrex


with open(output_file, 'w') as f:
   for str in generated_strings:
      f.write(str + '\n')

Use fcrack to crack the zip file with our freshly generated wordlist:

This is the content of the zip password protected file:

  • The password for Callahan Auto Server isn't complete, there is more numbers at the end

  • Probably information about these numbers is in the company blog

At this point we can generate another password list with fatguyinalittlecoat and numbers at the end and try to bruteforce the ssh account on the target. But we could also look at the blog more carfully. Lets enumerate users on the company blog:

It's look like the account which we need is 'tom' so lets bruteforce the wordpress login of Big Tom.

wpscan --username tom --wordlist ~/Downloads/Wordlists/rockyou.txt --url

On the wordpress panel this is what we found:

It's look like the password is fatguyinalittlecoat1938!! Lets try to ssh with bigtommysenior:fatguyinalittlecoat1938!!

wot wot !!! :) Four flag found: Flag data: EditButton

In the flag four we obtained important information:

But...but...where's flag 5?
I'll make it easy on you. It's in the root of this server at /5.txt

In our home directory we found the backup. Now we can complete our primary target to bring the website back online follow the instructions from the locked blog post in the company blog:

And the site is online:

Now lets find all world writeable files and directories (aka 777):

This is become our target:


Our plan is to upload php reverse shell as img file to the server, then rename it to php and execute it from the web browser.

  • uplad the fake img

  • rename the file from the server

  • catch the reverse shell from our attacker machine

  • cat the content of flag 6

flag five Buttcrack

All flags together: B34rcl4wsZ4l1nskyTinyHeadEditButtonButtcrack

With the assemble password we unlocked LOOT.ZIP:

Game Over! It was nice journey for me solving this vm (this time cost me around 3 days). If You came all the way to the end with me Thank You for your attention!